Hot New Product For Hemp CBD Infusion

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Hypnotix Elixirs

Hemp CBD Infusion Blends

Canna Bistro has made it easy to infuse food and drinks with an instant burst of organic hemp CBD. Our unique proprietary blend was created just for infusion. Our Hypnotix Elixirs blend perfectly into wine, cocktails, baked foods, hot or cold prepared foods, teas, coffees, other beverages, and drinks. This is a masterfully made creation from the hands of our Master Infusion Chef. Vibrant Vanilla is our roll-out flavor with other flavors coming soon. The light flavor will enhance your own culinary creations. Use your imagination and add a unique burst of hemp CBD to all that you prepare. Custom blended for a concentrated smooth effect when consumed. 

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Online CBD Infusion Classes


Join Chef Swan for her highly demanded infusion classes! Want to know how to take your culinary creations or crafty cocktails to the next level? Learn how using Canna Bistro's Hemp CBD Infusion Blend, can take your skills to HIGHER levels. (no pun intended LOL)​